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Mandy – Owner of Amanda’s Personal Chef and Catering
Mandy – Owner, Amanda’s Personal Chef and Catering

About Mandy

Hi, my name is Mandy and I bring over 20 years of experience and talents together through meal prepping, catering and virtual online classes. I attended a two-year Culinary Management program and then completed my apprenticeship. This led to my biggest accomplishment – my Red seal!

I then spent many years in the restaurant business. After having four beautiful children I felt it was time to try something new that would allow me to spend more time with my family. This has led to where I am now – wanting to share my love and creations through my culinary passion with you!

Whether I am baking something tasty or inspiring a new dish, my passion goes far beyond helping and teaching people how to cook. My goal is to help people relax, develop life-long skills leading to living a healthy lifestyle and build self-esteem by making fun and delicious dishes in the kitchen.

Services Offered

Personal Chef

As a personal chef, I help families gather around the table for meals, allow singles to eat healthier and couples to enjoy quality time with each other by cooking delicious meals with complete heating instructions. Busy, time-starved families hire a Personal Chef in order to eat better and enjoy food prepared just for them using the freshest meats and produce. I will complete an interview to customize meals, determine dinner favorites, discuss allergies and dislikes.


Want to make your next party a success? Call the experienced, professional Mandy at Amanda’s Personal Chef & Catering. 
Whether it’s a celebration, corporate event, fundraiser or graduation, we serve crowd pleasing fare presented with flair. For candle-lit gatherings, summer cookouts or get togethers, my fresh and delicious food will linger on both the palate and the memory.

Virtual Cooking Classes

My cooking classes specialize in whole food home cooking, meal planning, and healthy eating. I’m passionate about teaching everyone to cook; whether you are new to the kitchen or a seasoned cook, my recipes are fool proof!
The benefits of virtual cooking classes are it’s from the comfort of your kitchen, you have a meal or dessert at the end and each lesson is like getting a private cooking lesson in your home that the entire family can join!


The Best Personal Chef I’ve had!

Mandy has been cooking for my family for the past 6 months. Her food is amazing. She goes out of her way to satisfy our specific taste. I highly recommend Mandy as I have tried many other private chefs in the past and she is by far the best!

Katherine Happy Customer Personal Chef

Get in Touch

Mandy De Lisle Warden
tel: 1 (519)-280-2012
e: amandascatering@outlook.com
Paris, Ontario